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Welcome To

Natural Health Medical Center

Natural Health Medical Center is proud to have served our community since long time. Originally the vision of experienced physicians who recognized our rapidly growing community’s needs for a high-quality medical center, NHMC has become one of our region's leading Clinic.

Thanks to our staff members’ dedicated service and commitment to excellence, we have received numerous awards and recognitions. NHMC has received numerous citations for quality care.

Mrs. El-Drissa Oukhajja – Chairman / Owner

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Natural Health Medical Centre Clinic works with Advisory Services clients on a wide range of topics in all areas of healthcare operations. Some common topics for Advisory Service engagements include the following

Day Care

NHMC Day Care Centre is the combination of cutting edge technology & qualified medical practitioners.


Dermatology department is equipped with advanced facilities & treatment of all skin disorders.


NHMC’s dental department is a comprehensive integrated and specialised centre for advanced dentistry.

General Medicine

The General Medicine department takes care of the diagnosis of nonsurgical treatment of all diseases.


We treating Hyperlipidaemia by diet (nutrition) plan and medicine to reduce your cholesterol level.

Slimming Treatment

Our weight loss program & slimming treatments are helpful in promoting a complete change in lifestyle.

Our Departments

Natural Health Medical Center manages a network of clinics and Physicians for the provision of Outpatient Care, Dermatology Services and Dental Care, serves patients across United Arab Emirates.


Healthy and beautiful skin is a reflection of good general health, but also is a result of care and treatment of any changes to the skin before they even occur.

With a range of programs of medical skin care, which is an inseparable part of dermatological therapies, the experts in our department provide rounded dermatological examination both children and adults, and early detection of suspicious changes to melanoma.

  •  Eczema & Skin Allergies
  •  Hair Disorder
  •  Nails and Sweat Glands
  •  Bacterial & Fungal
  •  Protozoal and Parasitic Infections
  •  Occupational Dermatitis
  •  Pregnancy Corneous Diseases
  •  Treatment of Acne
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At NHMC, we help treat those with sports injuries, lower back pain and more. The Physiotherapy department at HealthBay aims to help take patients on a path of quick recovery and health. Our specialists have a wide range of expertise in the field of orthopaedics, sport medicine, postnatal therapy, rheumatology, fitness assessments, etc.

Physiotherapy is useful for restoring and maintaining functional movement, helping to alleviate pain relating to movement and lead a healthier lifestyle. Some of the conditions that physiotherapy can assist with include: Spinal pain and injuries

  •  TRX(Total Resistance Exercise)
  •  Electrotherapy
  •  Static cycles
  •  Laser
  •  Cryo Ultrasound & Ultrasound
  •  Traction decompression
  •  Shock Wave
  •  KNX 700 – Kinetrac
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General Physician

The General Medicine department at NHMC takes care of the diagnosis, management and nonsurgical treatment of adult diseases. Preventive healthcare is a core focus area of the department. The department encompasses General Practitioners, who are experts in identifying risk factors for major diseases and to detect significant diseases at their inception.

The sensitive surveillance leads to faster implementation of remedial measures. The department works at different levels which encompass screening, detection, management and appropriate referrals and feedback.

  •  Diagnosis and treatment
  •  Asthma and COPD
  •  Medical Check Ups
  •  Health and nutrition advice
  •  Sleep Disorders
  •  Respiratory Infections
  •  Acute and chronic conditions
  •  Wounds & Burns
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NHMC’s dental department is a comprehensive integrated and specialised centre for advanced dentistry and provides all oral care solution at single stop. The department boasts a strong team of Specialists offering varied services across.

Our specialist’s expertise ranges from oral and maxillofacial surgeries, management of cold trauma cases, retreatment of root canal treated cases, treatment of periapical lesions, treating children with special needs and also children who are uncooperative, treatment under general anesthesia and conscious sedation, treatment of grade 4 gum diseases, fixed orthodontics/dentofacial orthopedics, maxillofacial prosthesis, implants, cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry.

  •  Tooth Bonding & Whitening
  •  Lingual Braces
  •  Invisalign Orthodontics
  •  Gum Disease
  •  Dental Implants
  •  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  •   Periapical lesions
  •   Root canal treated
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Internal Medicine

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Radiology & MRI

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Our goal at Natural Health Medical Center in UAE, is to present fair, competitive, market value pricing to all of our clients.

Dental Care

Expertise in Dental prophylaxis, gum disorder, Crowning, Endodontic, Extraction.



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Meso Therapy

Non-surgical cosmetic, employs injections of vitamins, enzymes & hormones to rejuvenate skin.



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Medical Care

General practitioner wide range of medicine & medical procedure dealing in all medical conditions.



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NHMC offers advance level of expertise and participating in all health activities & seminars across the country.